Allhqfashion Women's Round Closed Toe Lowtop KittenHeels Solid PU Boots Black mZ4lt

Allhqfashion Women's Round Closed Toe Low-top Kitten-Heels Solid PU Boots Black mZ4lt
  • heel measure: 2"
  • Metal
  • Outer Material: PU, Soft Material
  • Inner Material: Velvet Lining
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Heel Height: 5 centimetres
Allhqfashion Women's Round Closed Toe Low-top Kitten-Heels Solid PU Boots Black mZ4lt
AgooLar Womens Solid LowHeels Round Closed Toe PU Pullon Boots Black TYrVS1
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Oceans warm; fish racing I see more problems with fish surfacing due to warming oceans.

June 18 — More images from as far back as 2014 about Trump Administration extreme military treatment of immigrants:

Barbed wire fences, borders, people thrown into jail who aren’t legal – harsh response to illegal aliens. Military in the countryside. They might harm some young people (teenagers and early 20’s).

June 16 – I see children behind barriers, being held. There are fences they have to look through. They only want to love. They only want to belong. They only want to breath freely. (Jeanne Mayell – seen in a vision on April 29, 2018 for the coming month) NYTimes: This is immoral, abusive, dangerous, cruel, U.N.: a human rights violation Trumpforcibly takes young children from their parents, even babies are taken from their mothers

June 16 – I see children behind barriers, being held. There are fences they have to look through. They only want to love. They only want to belong. They only want to breath freely. (Jeanne Mayell – seen in a vision on April 29, 2018 for the coming month)

June 12 — North Korea, South Korea, China and the U.S. These visions came in January 22, 2018 and April 29, 2018 mainly for June 2018:

I see a bright light around the North Korea and Russia border moving into Russia. It’s a positive development. Kim Jong Un is as opened as he’s ever going to be. (Sophie) Kim Jong Un is meeting withmany world leaders. He had never done that before. (Sophie) North and South Koreas will be more peaceful toward each other. (Howard) The word “Cataclysmic” comes to mind. Kim Jong Un is laughing. “Got you”. “I win.” He knew all along that he would win over the U.S. (Doris) I keep going back to NK, and continue to believe Russia is mixed up into this whole opening of North Korea to the world. Kim Jong Un smiles, satisfied with himself. I see a link between Pyongyang to somewhere South South East of it in South Korea where there is a bright light. (Sophie) North and South Korea are harmonious finally coming together. (Luminata)

June 10 — G-7 Fiasco where U.S.President turns against ourclosest allies, favors dictator regimes, which will weaken the U.S.

I see an issue with the G7 meeting scheduled in early June in Quebec, Canada. (Sophie – I hear the words, “Twilight and Trump.” I see the famous photograph of the American soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima during WWII. (Alex)


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· 6 minute read

I used to think git submodules were categorically evil. This was naive, as most choices in software development are about tradeoffs. A part of the reason I had this simplistic view was because of an article called “Why your Company Shouldn’t use Git Submodules.” I took a second look at this article recently and I read the docs on git submodules. What follows are some more nuanced thoughts on how and when git submodules can be used effectively.

What are Submodules even for?

The docs actually provide a very helpful example to answer this question:

Suppose you’re developing a web site and creating Atom feeds. Instead of writing your own Atom-generating code, you decide to use a library. You’re likely to have to either include this code from a shared library like a CPAN install or Ruby gem, or copy the source code into your own project tree. The issue with including the library is that it’s difficult to customize the library in any way and often more difficult to deploy it, because you need to make sure every client has that library available. The issue with vendoring the code into your own project is that any custom changes you make are difficult to merge when upstream changes become available.

Interestingly, this is very different from what we might call the “naive perceived purpose” of git submodules, which is well captured by the opening paragraph of the aforementioned article arguing against git submodules:

It is not uncommon at all when working on any kind of larger-scale project with Git to find yourself wanting to share code between multiple different repositories – whether it be some core system among multiple different products built on top of that system, or perhaps a shared utility library between projects.

At first glance, Git submodules seem to be the perfect answer for this

I used to think submodules were designed for the purpose of sharing code. As the above example from the docs suggest, that’s not entirely true. Its more accurate to say that git submodules are useful when you want to share code that you also need change along with the consumer of that code. If you’re not trying to change the shared code along with the consumer of that code, there are better options for sharing your code. The docs even seem to admit this:

It’s quite likely that if you’re using submodules, you’re doing so because you really want to work on the code in the submodule at the same time as you’re working on the code in the main project (or across several submodules). Otherwise you would probably instead be using a simpler dependency management system (such as Maven or Rubygems).

So, if you’re using git submodules merely as a way of sharing code, that’s probably misguided, as it’s a use case that git submodules weren’t designed to handle. There’s additional complexity that comes along with using git submodules, and this complexity isn’t worth it if there are simpler ways of sharing code. This additional complexity may be worth it if you’re trying to work on shared code and project code simultaneously and if there are methods of managing this complexity in a way that a) keeps us moving quickly and b) helps us avoids costly mistakes. The next section is about some of the complexities of git submodules and the techniques the git folks recommend for managing these complexities.


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Play and Improve Your Game Year-Round

Visit our Virginia tennis resort where you can enjoy tennis year-round! Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Wintergreen offers the perfect setting for your next tennis getaway. Our facilities at both Devils Knob and Stoney Creek total 19 clay courts and 3 indoor deco-turf courts.

Our Tennis Academies are legendary. Tennis Resorts Online has ranked Wintergreen as:

In addition, has ranked Wintergreen among the nation's top 50 tennis programs for the past 18 years, and in 2010 awarded the distinction of being the #1 resort for families in the United States.

For more information or court reservations, call 434-325-8235.

Wintergreen Tennis Facilities

We play tennis year-round at Wintergreen! Devils Knob Tennis Complex has indoor courts open year-round and outdoor courts open during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Stoney Creek Tennis Center has outdoor courts for play during Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Devils Knob Tennis

Devils Knob indoor courts open year round.The outdoor courts will open for the season in May, 2017, weather dependent. Please call in advance to ensure availability.

Situated high atop the mountain at Wintergreen and a short walk to our Spa and Wintergreen Aquatics Fitness Center, the Devils Knob Tennis Complex offers clinics, private lessons, and the world-ranked Wintergreen Tennis Academy . Our facilities feature:

For court reservations, call 434-325-8235.

Stoney Creek Tennis

Stoney Creek outdoor courts open April - end November.

Located in the valley, with the Blue Ridge Mountains as backdrop, the Stoney Creek Tennis Center includes:

For court reservations, call 434-325-8235.

Court Rates

Ball Machine Rates

All court times must be reserved by calling 434-325-8235. We require 24-hour hour cancellation notice, and you will be charged regular court fees if you do not use the courts you have scheduled.

Testimonials From the Media

Testimonials From Past Participants

"—C.I., Int., March 2018

—S.N., Int., March 2018

—C.K., Adv. Int., March 2018

—L.H., March 2018

—J.H., Adv. Int., February 2018

Tennis Pro Shop

Stop in the Devils Knob Tennis Pro Shop for all of your tennis needs, from racquets and balls, shoes and gear to the latest in tennis fashion. We have it all!

Is it time to upgrade your tennis racquet? The Devils Knob Tennis Pro Shop carries Wilson, Babolat, and Head demo rackets and will match any price (even on-line) on any racket (not just Wilson, Babolat, and Head). Just bring in a copy of the advertised price and we will order that racket for the advertised price.

The Pro Shop keeps a constant flow of new retail merchandise. Stop in often and see our new arrivals! When the temperature outside is cold outside, we have a variety of jackets, fleeces, court leggings and capri pants to make your tennis experience more enjoyable.

Unless otherwise noted in TWAW, the Devils Knob Tennis Shop and Indoor Tennis Facility hours are the following:

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Route 664 Wintergreen, VA 22958 434.325.2200

Join our e-Club for updates special offers! Sign Up

Wintergreen Resort

Route 664 Wintergreen, VA 22958 434.325.2200


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